Kris Anka and Kevin Wada have been doing some awesome high-fashion mutant lady designs, which I’m trying to make a reality because they are just that fabulous. Right now, I’m doing Anka’s Illyana design, and pinnedtogether is doing Anka’s Kitty for Dragon*Con this year, and we may have a Jubilee. But I want more. ALL the fabulous X-ladies. So basically - come join us! Wada has more X-fashion under his x-men tag, and I’m totally open to original designs that fit the theme of high fashion/eveningwear. Place/time will be announced when I have one set, hopefully soon. Classy ladies in fancy dresses. You know you want to.

I’m also in search of a photographer because otherwise it’s… me and Andy switching off. Which is wrangle-able, but it’d be great to have someone a little more skilled than me - greyloch? cowbuttcrunchiess? Any chance of an hour of your time?

(Also, pinging kevinwada and kristaferanka for signal boosts)

oooo id love to see if there can be more people to join in on this

Hey Mr. Anka, now Is time for Boys of X? :-)